AGH Employee Retires After 50 Years


Someone working for only one organization in their career is very uncommon. Someone working for one organization for 50 years is almost unheard. This month, Jan Hays retired from Allegan General Hospital (AGH) after celebrating her 50th work anniversary.

Jan started her career at AGH on July 17, 1967, as a switchboard operator when she was only 18 years old. Throughout the years, she worked various positions at the hospital. However, for the last 34 years she worked in the Finance department as the payroll specialist.

In her 50 years at AGH, Jan saw many changes. Some of the more memorable changes include moving offices approximately 15 times, staff changes (she thinks she has had 12 bosses through the years), advances in medicine, the shift in business to more procedures being outpatient, and the various changes in healthcare regulations.

The biggest change she saw in her career was technology. “We didn’t have technology in the office areas until the late 1970’s and even then, the changes from the first computers to what we have today is unbelievable,” said Hays.

“For 50 years Jan has been an integral part of the culture at Allegan General Hospital,” said Jerry Barbini, President and CEO of Allegan General Hospital. “Her incredible dedication, commitment, and passion for her work and coworkers have been inspirational to all of us. A fifty year longevity is very rare in this day and age and we were truly blessed by Jan and her many contributions over the years.”

Jan is looking forward to her retirement, but admits it is going to be different not driving to the hospital to go to work anymore.

“Having worked at one organization my entire adult life means every important event in my life, I have celebrated with my AGH work family,” explained Hays. “It seems just a little bit weird moving forward that won’t be the case anymore. I am definitely going to miss all the great friends I have made at AGH.”

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