Patient Stories

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The Right Place to Heal My Right Arm


When Holly Harrison felt a pop in her right shoulder, she knew something was wrong. The pain got worse and worse, to the point where even doing daily tasks like her hair was painful.

Meet My Two Life-saving Friends


It was a normal Saturday evening when David Hodge started feeling pain in his chest. By 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, the pain was almost unbearable.

Beating Diabetes


Don Boss was diagnosed with diabetes on June 15, 2017. His A1C test, used to diagnose diabetes, measured 13.9 (normal is below 5.7), and his blood sugar was off the chart at 454.

Making Immunotherapy Infusions Fun


Imagine munching on popcorn and sitting in a comfortable recliner as you receive medical treatment, surrounded by nurses who feel more like family. That’s what it’s like for Diana Morris, who has been receiving immunotherapy infusions at AGH for the past two weeks.