LAP-BAND is an adjustable silicone ring that is surgically inserted and placed like a belt around the outside of the stomach.  It turns your stomach into an hourglass-shaped organ, with a small upper pouch, a narrowed opening where the band is placed, then the remainder of the stomach located below the band.  Creating a narrowing in the stomach allows food to stay in the upper portion of the stomach for several minutes, before it passes through the remainder of the digestive system.  As you eat, you will be continuously filling and refilling the small pouch above the LAP-BAND.  When food stays in the upper portion of the stomach, you experience the sense of fullness.  With the LAP-BAND, you will be filling the upper portion of the stomach within the first few bites, so you will feel full sooner.  Patients typically feel full after eating one cup of food.

The LAP-BAND is adjusted post-operatively by injecting or withdrawing saline into a port placed under the skin during surgery.  Adding or removing saline will adjust the amount of restriction the band is providing.  These adjustments make the LAP-BAND customizable to each patient.

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